Coaches Grading Programme:

Elite Sport Solutions has revolutionised the way that sports coaching and development is assessed. Far too often a coach’s tertiary experience outweighs the years of practical experience gained on the field. Every coach, be it a part time school coach right through to a coach dreaming of a career in sport has to pass our mandatory minimum criteria evaluation before they can be considered an Elite Sport Solutions accredited coach.

We have developed a unique way of assessing a coach’s strengths and areas with room for growth, and every facet of a complete coach’s skill set is evaluated. For example: A coach's reliability and punctuality is one of the many considerations we assess, together with over 36 character traits that we believe are key in developing a fully-fledged Elite Sport Solutions Coach.

We are extremely proud of our grading system, and as such the quality of coaches we have at our disposal is second to none. We also offer our grading programme to your existing school teachers, and they can select from our beginners grading programme, intermediary and/or advanced grading programme depending on the school/club's sporting objectives. With our services and assessment of your school's coaches, we will assist you in improving the overall quality of your sport coaching.


We offer a wide array of assessments in the following categories:

  1. Overall school/club evaluations - This comprehensive assessment will, in the form of an easy to understand document, summarise the entire sporting foundation of a school and/or club and make recommendations on how to improve their current curriculum in accordance with a school's objectives.
  2. Individual/Group coaches evaluations - This report will highlight key strength areas of a coach/group of coaches as well as identify which areas require improvement.
  3. Child Assessments - In all our sporting codes, we offer a private assessment of the child’s ability both in direct sporting related skill sets as well as non-sporting benchmarks such as determination and tenacity to name but a few.

Recruitment and Placing:

We have the largest coach’s database in Southern Africa, with information on every aspiring coach right from part time school leavers to coaches already coaching at the highest level of their respective sporting codes.

Our digital sporting CVs enable you to select from our vast array of coaching talent, and can be as specific as an advanced coach in one sporting discipline to a beginner level coach in another. All our coaches, no matter what level, have at the very least undergone the following minimum Elite Sport Solutions criteria which include:

  • Policies And Procedures
  • Roles Of A Coach
  • Session Planners
  • Time Management
  • Sports Science Implementation
  • Technical Coaching
  • Practical Coaching
  • Trial Lessons
  • Life Skills
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Maximum Participation
  • Discipline
  • Safety
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Coach's Self-Evaluation Form
  • Coaching Assessment
  • Games To Incorporate Into Physical Education


Imagine for a moment a drill that a coach is trying to convey to a group of 10 kids. Typically in such a group, you will have 3 different learning styles to which the children will respond best to:

  • Visual Stimulus
  • Audio Stimulus
  • Kinesthetic Stimulus

The logical question is why would you use only one way to coach, when the natural answer is to identify the learning strengths of each child and then use that method to achieve the best results.

We combine this type of specialisation in a group environment, enabling each child to thrive and enjoy their chosen sport.