In the Beginning.....

In 1997 our founder and joint CEO, Gavin Prangley, realised a vision he had been dreaming about since childhood of revolutionising the way children were being taught the wonderful world of SPORT.

Grassroots coaching was started only a few years later, and quickly established itself as specialists in the field of coaching both in a school and club environment. Our expertise encompasses the most state of the art coach’s development programme, with a world first grading system that is used across the globe. Our typical school offering would cover all aspects of the spring curriculum such as extra-curricular coaching, arranging club and school tournaments and age specific training programmes for learners. We have also facilitated hundreds of sports days, day events such as tournaments and festivals and were the chosen South African representatives in coaching and managing the SA All-Stars team that represented the country so proudly at the Robin Van Persie Football Tournament in the Netherlands, 2015!

What has since evolved over many years is the most fundamental change in coaching seen in the sporting world! We believe the attitude and commitment to the realisation that EVERY child is different whilst ALWAYS maintaining a sense of creativity and enjoyment that all kids are looking for is the key,.

In South Africa in particular a one dimensional approach to coaching has hampered the potential of hundreds and thousands of kids. Elite Sport Solutions is the only company to take a multi-faceted approach to how we engage, teach and ultimately allow the raw and unbridled talent that is sitting on our very doorsteps to shine.

Elite Sport Solutions take every aspect of traditional, old school coaching, up-skilling methodologies and replace them with what every parent, teacher, coach and child really want at the end of the day.....

Old school thinking and a " one size fits all" approach can never be the most effective way to develop and ultimately endear children to Sport and thus a new perspective and vision was born… Elite Sport Solutions.